I wish that…

…I was less of a hypocrite.

…the USA had properly addressed this goddamn pandemic months ago.

…COVID-19 didn’t have symptoms in common with colds.

…I didn’t have to tell struggling people “I can’t help with any more, I’m sorry.”

…I could relive years 17 through 21 and not make some of my more regrettable mistakes.

…changing the past was a possibility.

Signal Boost Saturday (November 14, 2020)

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Signal Boost Saturday.

Fundraisers/donation posts

A * means they’ve been on here in the last two months.

Remember that single dad I mentioned last week? He needs $75 to get his kid to a specialist due to medical issues.*

Khristina Hott* still needs help.

So does Madison*.

A teenager needs help to escape their Nazi dad who has abused them and they’re worried he might kill them if he finds out they are a nonbinary lesbian or that they are neurodivergent.

A trans woman named Kaye is trying to move from New York to California.

Someone called Finessa needs a hand securing shelter and paying day-to-day bills.

A transgender teenager called Jasiri is saving money to pay for her transition. (Link is to her Twitter, which contains links to GoFundMe and PayPal.)

Someone named Aiden needs a hand with dental bills.

Miraym G on GoFundMe is saving to move out of an abusive home. She also shared her Venmo and CashApp on Twitter.

A disabled trans woman needs help paying for rent, medical expenses, and a mobility scooter.

Steven and Temi on GoFundMe are trying to survive while waiting for Temi to graduate and get a good job.

The Twitter account @iconickbeauty started a thread inviting Black LGBT+ people to share their payment info. She included her own among it.

arlo-venn on Tumblr needs to pay vet and car bills.

Someone named Otto needs money for funeral expenses after the death of their brother Issac.

The Twitter account @mtgaines_ is asking people to help a youth pay for essentials.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief has compiled a list of disaster reliefs efforts.

A trans woman named Erica is raising money for her transition.

Mary Graham-White on GoFundMe is raising money to pay for her daughter’s medical bills after a gruesome assault.

A Yemenis trans woman is raising money to leave Yemen and escape more transmisogynist violence.

A mother named Mayiah is raising money to pay for groceries and other necessities.

A trans woman named Heather is raising money for transition and moving expenses.

A mom called Nay is struggling to pay for living expenses.

Someone named Sasha needs help paying for vet bills and tuition.

A couple of Tumblr bloggers have gathered donations drives for disaster relief in the Phillipines.

Tumblr user interalias-blog-blog needs help paying for moving expenses.

Tumblr user demonnoid needs financial help after a housing situation gone sour.

Tumblr user realcrybby needs help paying for living expenses after being unable to get any kind of stable income.


Snopes published an article regarding misinformation during the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

They also commented on the romance Kamala Harris had with Willie Brown. They essentially said it’s misleading to state that Harris slept her way to the top.

Cecilia Muñoz has become part of Joe Biden’s transition team. She has justified family separations and deportations that happened under the Obama administration’s watch.


Here’s a collection of education on issues in Armenia and ways to help.

Other things
Color Of Change recently created a petition supporting reparations for Black Americans descended from enslaved people.

Signal Boost Saturday (November 7, 2020)

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Signal Boost Saturday. I ended up doing this again and it’s kind of disorganized. I’ll probably post more stuff on Pillofort later.

Fundraisers/donation posts

An asterik (*) indicates the fundraiser or person seeking help has been on here in the last two months.

Khristina Hott on Twitter needs help paying for necessities while being homeless during the winter.

Jerrica on GoFundMe could use a hand paying for her medical costs during her transition.

Madison* is a parent needs help paying for medicine and other things.

Pelumi on GoFundMe is raising money for a new car after their old one got totaled.

@MaureenPiscate7 on Twitter needs help paying for shelter after becoming homeless.

Jessica Jordan, AKA rosyish, needs a hand paying for moving expenses.

@disrupthehuman on Twitter needs help escaping transantagonistic family.

Tumblr user atlassix needs help paying for rent after being exposed to COVID.

@brownskingirlsm on Twitter is saving money to escape a homoantagonistic home.

anarchapella on Tumblr is asking people to help a friend of hers pay for electricity.

@Ellie_Noctis on Twitter needs help paying for their mother’s medical expenses.

lynsanity09 is trying to manage after a pair of typhoons.

The Twitter account @BlackTransConn1 invited Black trans people to leave their Cashapp and Venmo links.

I’ve been contacted by a single dad who was recently evicted. He needs help paying for shelter. You can spread the word on Twitter or Pillowfort.

A woman named Clarabelle* is requesting financial support as she prepares for surgery.

@GoddessLuvMonet on Twitter needs help paying her mother’s rent.

@timeskipashe on Tumblr got screwed over by their school and is caring for their grandmother.

@MamaMaeAnn on Twitter needs help paying expenses due to being unemployed.

@bigskydreaming on Tumblr needs a hand paying for dental implants.

@Tygerwolfe on Twitter urgently needs money to buy their wife’s medicine.

@glitterfr33ze on Tumblr needs help to pay for food.

@Ajsaannnooj5 on Twitter is a single mom struggling to pay for food and other essentials.

Wren Vervaat on GoFundMe needs help to move out of an abusive home.

@compassionlotion on Tumblr could use a hand to pay for food.

@avatarerin on Tumblr is struggling to pay the bills and needs help handling groceries.

Art and things

Alt-pop musician Shamir recently turned 26, and his album Revelations turned 3.


Someone created a list of websites to help Black people deal with mental health issues.

Someone else created a website full of resources and education for supporting Black people politically.

There’s a Google Doc called #FreeZimbabwe, which is about just that.

Signal Boost Saturday (Halloween 2020)

This is something I’ve thought about doing for a little while. I can’t promise it will be a regular thing, at least not before New Year’s.

(The news section contains discussion of police violence, antiblackness, and Nazis.)

Other accounts who do similar things

Radio Free Monday hosted by copperbadge

funding booster on Twitter

Pay Black Trans Women on Twitter

Fundraisers/donation posts

This is an old post to help out someone I’ve been in contact with for a while. Their heat has been shut off and they have other bills that need attention.

Diana Emilio on Twitter needs help paying for insulin.

Kevin Peterson on GoFundme needs help paying for funeral costs after his son, Kevin Peterson Jr., was murdered by police.

Lizard Puss on Twitter needs help paying for rent, utilities, and medicine.

@_food_for_life_ on Twitter needs help getting into a new apartment.

O’odham activists on GoFundMe have created a fundraiser to help with costs as they protest Trump’s wall encroaching on their land. The link includes other options to send money.

@UptopSlim53 on Twitter needs help buying food and other essentials for himself and his son.

Friends of a Black trans artist named Zarina have started a GoFundMe to help her pay for housing and surgery.

Clarabelle Catlin on GoFundMe is raising money to pay for acid reflux surgery.

Dustin Hughson on GoFundMe is helping to pay for his 7-year-old nephew’s cancer treatment.

@anishinaa_gay on Twitter needs funds to move and can’t work due to disability.

On GoFundMe, there’s a fundraiser for Theodore Senior’s family after he was killed.

@inedrox on Twitter is having trouble paying for food and needs money for a car.

A friend of Ted Brown, a Black LGBT+ activist, has started a GoFundMe to help him pay for legal costs after his partner were subjected to abuse from a care home. It has reached its goal, but you can still donate.

Art and things

I found art of four queer people, a pair of whom is wearing “double the dads, double the dad jokes” shirts.


The Justice Department has ended its investigation of Tamir Rice’s murder.

News broke that a police presentation in Kentucky used Hitler quotes and encouraged officers to be violent. Forbes posted an article called Report: Kentucky Police Presentation Quoted Hitler To Encourage ‘Regular Employment Of Violence’. It was noted in the article itself and by Bernice King that this happened in the same state where police murdered Breonna Taylor.

Speaking of Breonna Taylor, one of the cops who murdered her is suing her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

Huffington Post published an article on voter intimidation.

Teen Vogue posted an op-ed regarding California’s Prop 22 and the harmful effects it could have on workers if passed.

In less depressing and scary news, a chameleon species that hadn’t been seen for a century is being documented.

Other things

I already posted this on my social media, but I’ll share it again: If you’re a Nevada voter, the website Our Nevada Judges is a resource I’ve found helpful for researching elections.

The Ace Community Survey for 2020 is now open.